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Designer interior items

Furniture design that sinks into the soul
Founder and lead designer of CODA DESIGN
Anna Ignatenko
How interior design items are created, and what is an object designer.

As you know, furniture is not just a functional element of the interior, but also an important element of decor. Exquisite, original and high-quality furniture can be a decoration of any room, as well as an expression of the style and taste of its owner.

An object designer is a creative person who creates designer interior items, including furniture. Its task is to combine beauty and functionality, to create objects that will delight their owner not only with their aesthetic appeal, but also with ease of use.

Designer furniture is not just a beautiful decorative element, it is a whole complex that includes not only original design, but also high quality materials, convenience and functionality. In addition, designer furniture is distinguished by the fact that it is created in a single copy or a small series, which makes it even more exclusive.

But why choose designer furniture?
Firstly, it allows you to express your individuality and uniqueness. Secondly, designer furniture is created from high-quality materials, which guarantees its durability and reliability. And thirdly, designer furniture is an investment in the future. Its value only increases over time, as it remains relevant and beautiful for many years.

  • In addition, designer furniture can be adapted to the individual needs and desires of the client. The designer can take into account all the wishes and features of the client, creating a unique item that is ideal for a particular interior.
  • But how to choose the right furniture designer? It is important to choose creative and talented designers who can offer a unique and original design. It is also worth paying attention to the work experience and quality of projects completed earlier.
  • In addition, designer interior items can be not only beautiful, but also functional. For example, cabinets with a unique storage system, sofas with the possibility of folding or tables with adjustable height – all this can be realized with the help of a furniture designer.

It is also important to understand that designer furniture can be not only expensive, but also affordable. There are many young and talented designers who offer original and high-quality products at affordable prices.

But most importantly, designer furniture is an investment in your home and comfort. It not only gives the interior personality and style, but also can improve the quality of life, providing convenience and comfort in daily use.

So if you want to create a cozy and stylish interior, do not hesitate to contact a furniture designer. You will receive a unique and functional item that will delight you for many years.

In conclusion, designer furniture is not only beautiful, but also functional. It is created with care for every detail, from high-quality materials and takes into account the individual needs of the client. Don't be afraid to experiment and choose original items that will emphasize your personality and style.
How are designer interior items created?
This is a long and painstaking process that starts with an idea, then goes through the stages of design and implementation. The designer selects materials, develops sketches and designs, then proceeds to manufacture furniture. It is important to understand that designer furniture is not mass production, each item is created manually with love and care for every detail.

Anna Ignatenko
furniture designer
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Feedback from designers and customers
  • Well, what can I say, I showed my humanity again and decided not to live just for the money. Therefore, I decided to complete my extreme design project with this console and a pedestal from Coda Design. What can I say? The price is of course oh-oh-oh, but what a beauty! However, when I ordered them, I was a little uncomfortable giving more money than my car is worth for these little things. But I think it was worth it, because now my client will definitely feel like a king among kings. And when my clients are happy, I'm happy.

    After all, money comes and goes, but the aesthetic satisfaction of a work of art is priceless.
    Gulyaev Pavel
    Interior Designer,
    Studio: Design Mavericks, Moscow
  • I ordered a table from Coda for one of my projects and it was like I was in paradise. Of course, this is not the cheapest table, but who wants to save money on real art at all? If you want to please your customers or yourself, then look no further, just buy a table from Coda! It's not just a piece of wood, it's a real cultural phenomenon. I am sure that you, like me, will not be able to tear yourself away from this masterpiece.

    And in general, I want to recommend the Coda brand to everyone who loves comfort and style. They know how to create things that are not only beautiful, but also functional. They aim to make your home a more cozy and comfortable place where you can enjoy life and relax. And how they do it!
    Alexandra Kormishina
    Architectural bureau: KarmA, Yekaterinburg
  • Well, what can I say, I ordered a console and a bedside table from CODA DESIGN and I don't have enough words to describe my delight! How could I have lived without them before? These things don't just decorate my design project, they turn it into a real museum of modern art! I am sure that my clients will be delighted with such a chic design.

    It's just incredible how small things can make such a difference in visual perception. I am very pleased with my order and strongly recommend that anyone who wants to create a spectacular interior choose CODADESIGN!
    Karnakova Svetlana
    of the Karakova Design Bureau, Moscow
  • I must admit that I have repeatedly ordered furniture for my design projects, but only now do I realize that I have been living in ignorance all this time. As soon as I got acquainted with the Codadesign brand, my idea of furniture and design changed dramatically. It's not just furniture, it's works of art created by people who really love their job and know how to do it right. Their products are an example of what real furniture should look like, what it should be in quality and design.

    I won't be able to buy regular furniture anymore, because after Codadesign, everything else just seems like a waste of money. I will be happy to recommend the Codadesign brand to anyone who wants to get a unique and inimitable interior that will delight their eyes for many years.
    Olga Ostaltseva
    Interior designer,
    design studio Design Vanguard, St. Petersburg