Anna Ignatenko
Founder and leading designer of the SKODA brand

Custom-made designer furniture

◦ Exclusive furniture according to your size
CODA DESIGN furniture is designed by subject designer Anna Ignatenko. The furniture catalog includes: designer tables, consoles, cabinets, dressers, bedside tables, coffee tables. You can order furniture with delivery in the CIS by submitting an application on the website. We try to be in the market, therefore, the prices for designer furniture of the CODA brand are competitive relative to European manufacturers and furniture factories.

◦ Buy designer furniture in Coda
Our design furniture center develops models that we produce in series. But there are also exclusive products that can be produced and bought only piece by piece. We cooperate with furniture factories and large industries, they order collections of designer furniture under their own brand from us. It takes from 1 to 3 months to design one piece of furniture and produce the first sample. This period is due to the complexity of technological components and connections in the design of cabinet furniture.

◦ Designer furniture store in Novosibirsk and Moscow
All the furniture that we produce can be bought in installments. We cooperate with furniture stores in Moscow and Novosibirsk, where you can buy products under the Coda Design brand. A separate direction is furniture orders from interior designers. We are pleased that by creating design projects, designers add our items to their interiors.

◦ Modern designer furniture in the apartment
When buying an apartment in a new building and ordering interior design, there is always a question of completing housing with modern furniture. It takes a lot of time, and it's good when your designer has taken over all the work, our task is to calculate the cost as quickly as possible and advise on the features of materials and construction.

Author's furniture from a subject designer